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"I Feel Peace About It"

"I feel peace about it" is a commonly used phrase in Christian vernacular. Some might call it "Christian-ese" that describes a person's resolve when it comes to decision making. It is often used to justify why an individual is choosing to make a decision one way or another. "I've decided to quit my job. I prayed and I feel peace about it." It is a catch-all term that seems to imply conclusiveness, spiritual thoroughness, and decisiveness that originates from having accurately

The Blessing of Heartbreak

Are you heart broken? Has your heart been broken? The emotions that come with heartbreak are many but they are easily imaginable: pain, hurt, distrust, anger, shame, disappointment and other feelings. Consider this scenario: you're praying for someone, or desiring this person (him or her).  You want to marry them but the story ends with them being with someone else. Heart break is not limited to romantic relationships but it can be related to any severe disappointment we fac

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