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My name is Oluwatobi (Tobi) Oke. I am a Christian, Husband, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Musician, Rapper and Writer. 

The purpose of this blog is best described by the symbol of hope that the name is inspired by--Noah's ark (Genesis 6:9).  Noah's ark represented God's promise of safety and protection in the midst of His impending judgement. In a time when God determined to flood the earth as judgement for all the evil being done, He gave an outlet for hope and redemption for ALL people.

For as many people who heeded Noah's call to change their thinking and their ways, they could enter that same ark and be saved. This blog is a call and an invitation to step into the ark--the assurance of God's eternal protection, which is salvation through Jesus Christ. 

My hope is that through this blog and it's content, your thinking can be renewed, lessons can be learned, your life can be transformed by the knowledge you gain and that ultimately salvation through Jesus Christ will be your reality. 

You will be encouraged by an array of topics that bring a Biblical perspective on issues pertaining to personal lifestyle and spirituality.  Enjoy!

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