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Three Truths About Marriage That Set Me Free

1. God wanted me to be married more than I did

As much as I desired marriage for companionship and as much as you may desire it, marriage was always God's idea (let that sink in).

You can't desire it more than the person who created it for you knowing that you needed it. That's why He created it. Adam never asked God to be married, yet God knew what was best for Adam. God made provisions to supply what Adam didn't know he needed or knew that was best for him.

That being said, no matter how much pressure you feel or how anxious you are or how long you've waited, realize that God wants it for you more than you want it yourself. Even if you and God want it for different reasons (lol).

By the way, marriage is God's tool for refining you to make you more like Him so of course He actually wants it more than you think you do. That's because He knows what it's going to do for you and in you--yet He still makes you wait. Think about it: as much as the apostles needed the Holy Spirit, GOD still made them wait for Him to come and they desperately needed the Holy Spirit. How much more will He allow us to wait for marriage to come. Don't be discouraged in your waiting, get sober and get excited that God actually wants it more for you than you think.

2. God has someone for me whom I would have joy over

Many people think God is going to set them up with someone that's ugly, that they don't like or that's not their type (whatever that means lol). God is the giver of good and perfect gifts and He gives gifts that exceed our expectations (James 1:17, Ephesians 3:20)

Some people choose to take the wheel in their own hands and forsake walking by faith or by God's principles when choosing a spouse because they think God wants to punish them by giving them a spouse that they will hate. This shows a lot what you think about God.

Maybe you're thinking "All the good ones are taken." Help yourself by rebuking the devil against such thoughts. God has someone for you that's better than any point of reference you may have had. God is not lacking in good gifts or promises. Don't doubt and take matters into your own hands. Don't compromise in your search for a spouse because you think you know what you need more than God.

3. The person whom God has for me is not perfect but is perfect for me

Compatibility means something to God. That's why He said don't be unequally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14-17) and that He would find a helper comparable for Adam (Genesis 2:18).

God knows you better than you know you. He also know who He is refining you to become. Therefore He also knows the missing puzzle piece that will best compliment you in terms of personality and purpose.

He has someone that is appropriately fashioned for you. People have problems with the whole "the one" concept. Well simply put, God can form and fashion anyone to be the one who you need to be joined with. Regardless of how you see it, if God has ordained that you should have a partner and we are His workmanship then He is able to connect us with someone optimally suited to walk with us in the purpose for which He created us. They will not be perfect but they will be exactly who you need.

Trust Him. Leave a comment if this was helpful. Save it and share with others

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