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"I Feel Peace About It"

"I feel peace about it" is a commonly used phrase in Christian vernacular. Some might call it "Christian-ese" that describes a person's...

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It's Okay To Grieve
The Truth About Judas
Kingdom Dreamer

The Truth About Judas

The Truth About Judas We Often Disassociate Ourselves From Bible Characters Like We Are Any Better Than Them. This Is Negligence And Overconfidence. As A Health Care Provider We Are Taught To Practice Good Hygeine By Treating Objects That We Touch As If It Is Contaminated So That We Are Mindful To Wash Our Hands And Stay Clean! If You Always Look At Yourself As Already Clean, You Will Overlook The Areas Where You Are Really Infected With Germs...If Anyone Thinks He Stands, Let Him Take Heed Lest He Fall (1 Corinthians 10:12) Today Ask Yourself, Am I Like Judas? Am I Enjoying The Pleasure Of Sin And Evil Whlle Also Trying To Experience The Benefits Of Following God...God May Allow That For A Time But He Will Hold You Accountable....Even 1 Of Christ's Closest Disciple and Apostle Who Was In Christ's Inner Circle Was Not Exempt From The Lake Of Fire Because He Continued To Indulge In Evil..What Maked Us Think We Will Be Exempt?...God Is Going To Cleanse Evil Out Of His Kingdom! Yes I Said Out Of His Owm House He Will Remove Everything That He Deems Offensive (Matthew 13:41).. Are Your Ways Offensive To Him? Are Your Lifestyle Choices, Habits And Practices Smelly In Gods Nostrils? Dont Tell Yourself That You're Already Good! Examine Your Ways. I'm Examining Mine! Dont Get Left In The Lake Of Fire Because You Thought Your Next Sin Transaction Would Be Like All The Rest; This Could Be The Last 30 Pieces Of Silver That You Ever Sell God For Again (Is It Worth It). God Will Forgive You If You Repent! There Is Hope You If You Decide To Change And Stop Trying To Have God And The World At The Same Time (James 4:4). There Much To Say Om This And Much Hope I Want To Release...Share This Post! it May Save Someone....If You Think I Should Do An IG Live Bible Study Or Message On This Let Me Know In The Comments...Let's Encourage Each Other To Be Rapture Ready! #GodLovesYou #Hope #EndTimes #FaithOverFear #Faith #Inspiration #COVID19 #Coronavirus #LastDays #Easter #HappyEaster #ResurrectionSunday #HeIsRisen #Heaven #Jesus #JesusIsKing #RepentAndBelieve #GodIsLove #TheTruthAboutJudas #RepentanceIsGood
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