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"I Feel Peace About It"

"I feel peace about it" is a commonly used phrase in Christian vernacular. Some might call it "Christian-ese" that describes a person's resolve when it comes to decision making. It is often used to justify why an individual is choosing to make a decision one way or another. "I've decided to quit my job. I prayed and I feel peace about it." It is a catch-all term that seems to imply conclusiveness, spiritual thoroughness, and decisiveness that originates from having accurately

Can you rejoice alone?

Today we live in a heavily performance-based, accolade-based, achievement-based culture. These characteristics are not bad in and of themselves but in some ways have come in conflict with authenticity, genuity, gratitude and sometimes purity. We do things with the motive to be seen, to bring attention to ourselves. For some reason we have a need for external validation or acknowledgment. We want people to acknowledge who we are, what we are, what we have done, what we have ac

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